September premieres, that is, more new products from Motorola, Nokia and Lenovo.

September launches, which means more new products from Motorola, Nokia and Lenovo

The number of launches the very beginning of September is impressive. IFA 2021 officially begins today, but already the last two days have been packed with a handful of new launches. It all started with Samsung and Sony, which released their premieres on Wednesday. To date, more devices have been released: Motorola, Nokia (actually Microsoft) and Lenovo.

Some of the manufacturers, such as. Motorola did not officially present themselves at IFA, but this did not prevent them from showing their launches.

Motorola new generation

Among Motorola's launches, there are no completely new models. The company has decided to release already known models, but of a new generation. The first-generation Motorola Moto G was unveiled nearly a year ago and won many fans, as a good, but at the same time inexpensive smartphone. Second-generation Moto G model It has a larger 5-inch screen, although the design has not changed. The speakers and 8 Mpx camera have also been upgraded.

The phone has also been equipped with a microSD memory card slot. Almost everything else remains the same – including the price. Users will have to pay $180 for the new generation model.
Motorola also unveiled an improved model Moto X second generation. Compared to the Moto G, this is definitely a more high-end product. Here, too, the screen has been enlarged – in the new generation model it is 5 in size.2 inches (a jump from 4.7 inch) and Full HD resolution. The phone has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 quad-core processor and 2GB of RAM. Internal memory could definitely be larger – users have 16GB or 32GB at their disposal.

The camera has also been improved, with its resolution increasing from 10Mpx to 13Mpx. The design has not changed much, although Motorola provides an option for a lot of personalization – the user can "dress" his phone in a case resembling a wooden or leather one. The phone's frame has been improved – the Moto X lived to see an upgrade’from a plastic to an aluminum casing.
As of today, a smartwatch is also going on sale Motorola Moto 360. Its price is $249. As a reminder, the watch features a circular screen 1.56-inch with a resolution of 320×290. The ram memory is 512MB and the internal memory is 4GB, which is similar to most new smartwatches.

It also features a pedometer and heart rate monitor. It runs on Android Wear.
Motorola unveiled yet another noteworthy device, which in a way can be categorized as wearables. We are talking about Moto Hint, which is a tiny wireless handset that connects to the phone via Bluetooth. However, it is not just for making phone calls. With Moto Hint, the user can easily voice-control their phone.

With the handset, you can hear text messages, voice search or create to-do lists. The price of this easy-to-use device is $150.

Nokia at IFA 2021


Nokia, already owned by Microsoft, also presented its novelties in Berlin. The models unveiled are the Lumia 830, Lumia 730 and Lumia 735. Nokia Lumia 830 It is promoted as a smartphone with great cameras at a low price. The phone has a 10Mpx PureView camera, which is the camera with the thinnest optical image stabilization, which allows for an interesting design of the phone, on which the lens almost does not stand out at all. The phone has a 1.2GHz quad-core processor, 1GB of RAM and 16GB of internal memory.

Its screen size is 5 inches. The phone's design is eye-catching – the phone is thin and quite slim, despite its angular shape.
The second model presented by Microsoft is Nokia Lumia 730, called "selfie phone". Microsoft is promoting this model as being made for taking selfies and for Skype calls. All thanks to the 5Mpx front camera, covering a wide angle of view. The rest of the parameters put the smartphone on the middle shelf.

The display is 4.7 inches, the processor is Qualcomm Snapdragon 400, RAM 1GB, and internal memory is just 8GB. Lumia 730 is Dual SIM, so we can fit two cards in one device. In addition to the Lumia 730, the following were also presented Nokia Lumia 735, That is the twin model enhanced with support for LTE connectivity.

Nokia Lumia 730 will cost 200 euros, while the Lumia 735 will cost 220 euros.

Announcements from Lenovo

VIBE-Z-II_Hero_02So far there has been no talk of smartphones from Lenovo – as you can see, it's time for a change since Lenovo bought Motorola from Google. Like Nokia, Lenovo also unveiled its smartphone for selfies. Lenovo Vibe Z2 has a 13Mpx rear camera, while the front camera for selfies has a resolution as high as 8Mpx.

Megapixels aren't everything, though they do somehow augur good photo quality. The Z2 has a 64-bit quad-core Qualcomm processor, 32GB of internal memory and 5.5-inch display. In terms of design, a thin and angular metal smartphone awaits us.

The second model Lenovo has unveiled is the Lenovo Vibe X2. It has a 5-inch screen with fullHD resolution. Its big advantage is the octa-core MT6595m MediaTek processor.

It is supported by 2GB of RAM. The internal memory is 32GB. In addition, the smartphone supports LTE connectivity.

Its price is expected to be $399.