The announcement of iOS 9, or Apple Worldwide Developers Conference 2022 has begun!

The announcement of iOS 9, or Apple Worldwide Developers Conference 2022 has begun!

Yesterday kicked off the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference – the second most anticipated annual event of the mobile industry next to Google I/O. The conference began as standard with Keynote – the part where the most important changes in Apple technologies were presented. The most important launch turned out to be – as expected – the announcement of the new version of iOS 9. A number of new features that the update will bring are presented, and these are New app features, improved Siri or more efficient operation on iPads.

Apple has also prepared an application for…Android users.

Improved Siri

One of the most important and anticipated parts of the event was the presentation of the new iOS 9 system. Among the novelties that this version will bring with it is proactive assistant – additional assistance for the assistant Siri, Which, unfortunately, is not reliable. A sort of equivalent of Google Now, Which drops various "prompts" to the user throughout the day. The advantage of Apple's assistant is supposed to be far greater privacy protection compared to Google. All data is collected anonymously and is not collected in the cloud or shared with third parties.

Notifications and prompts will be suggested only on the basis of data collected directly on the phone, not, for example, the. By analyzing users' e-mails.
The assistant will also analyze the most frequently used applications and the time they are used, so it will automatically suggest on the home screen, for example. Facebook icon if it is the first app we usually launch when we wake up, or launch an audiobook when we get into the car, if that's where we usually listen to them.
The search function has also been improved Spotlight, Which in iOS 9 will also support third-party apps.

New and improved apps

Also new is the application News App, which is basically a clone of others of its kind, such as. Flipboard. This is an RSS feed reader that allows you to gather news from different corners of the Internet in one place.

The service will only be available in the US, UK and Australia for the time being.
The tool will also be improved Notes, so that you will be able to quickly save information directly from any page or app. The app will also allow you to quickly create checklists, add photos to notes or draw in the app.
Apple is also still working on its Maps, desire to catch up with the shortcomings of Google Maps. Apple Maps is expected to provide detailed public transportation directions, following the example of its competitors – the service will be available in select cities at first. Nearby service will also be launched.
Service Apple Pay increasingly thriving. A new feature is the renaming of the Passbook app to Wallet, where loyalty cards will be able to be collected.

News on iPads

splitiOS 9 will also bring enhancements to iPads that will give them the potential of a really robust office tool, increasingly similar to computers. With the update, the on-screen keyboard on iPads will be able to turn into a trackpad. When you place two fingers on the keyboard, it turns into a touchpad and allows you to control the cursor in a manner similar to that known from laptops. In addition, The keyboard will be enhanced with additional buttons, serving quick text editing – cut, copy and paste, bold/underline and italics, as well as launching the camera or adding attachments with a single tap.

The keyboard will also support standard keyboard shortcuts.
keyboardIn addition to the keyboard changes, the update will also bring The ability to split the screen on an iPad, which will allow parallel work in two apps, visible on the screen side by side. This will allow, for example. to watch videos and browse the news at the same time, and the arrival of a new email won't make it necessary to exit the previously open app.

Making it easier to "switch" from Android to iOS

androidFor the first time, Apple has directly addressed users of its competitor, Android. A special Move to iOS app, which will allow a quick and seamless transition from an Android phone to an iOS phone. The app will transfer all contacts, messages, photos, email accounts, calendar data and others that we can't imagine functioning without. The app will also help restore the list of apps we used on Android.

Free apps will be suggested in the App Store, paid apps will be put on the wish list in iTunes.
The update is also expected to provide overall device improvements, longer operation on a single battery charge (extending battery life by an hour), as well as "lighter" updates of the.
In summary, as always during Apple WWDC – there was quite a lot going on. The changes are not revolutionary, but they are certainly improvements that can significantly affect the user experience on iPhones’or iPads. There is no denying that changes such as the. The proactive assistant or maps changes are a strong attempt to align with Google on these features.

The update will probably have to wait until the end of the year, and is expected to be available on iPhones’a from model 4S upwards, iPad Air and Air 2, iPad from 2nd generation upwards, iPad mini, 2 and 3, as well as iPod touch 5th generation.
You can read about other news – Apple Music for music fans and what Apple has in store for developers in our next article.