The first smartphone from – already on Wednesday’s launch!

First smartphone from – launching on Wednesday!

In just two days, on June 18, 2021, the smartphone market will be enriched not only by another phone model, but by a new manufacturer – on Wednesday Amazon will unveil its first smartphone. It will be distinguished from the competition by a set of uncommon features, such as. As many as 5 front cameras and the ability to display 3D images.
Amazon is a powerhouse in the online sales category. It is not yet overly popular in USA, but in the United States and many other countries it is a huge e-commerce platform where you can buy almost any equipment, books, movies, games and much more. Amazon has already created its own tablets and its most popular e-book reader, the Kindle.

Now it's time for a smartphone signed with the Amazon logo.
The phone is expected to have several innovative features that will set it apart from the competition. They were mysteriously presented in a promotional video:

What it will be capable of?

Below are predictions for the most salient features of the new phone from Amazon:

  • It will track your movement – the phone will have 5 front cameras, tracking the user's movement. They will most likely allow completely contactless operation of the phone.
  • It will display 3D images – both the phone's wallpaper and apps will be able to be displayed in such a way as to best reproduce the three-dimensional effect and will be able to be viewed from several perspectives, helped by the front cameras.
  • Will change the way you use your phone – thanks to the use of cameras and extremely sensitive sensors, the phone will most likely dispense with certain icons in apps, in favor of gesture-based operation. Some options can be validated, for example. by tilting the phone to the right or left, which will also make it easier to operate the phone with one hand.
  • It will convert photos to text – the smartphone is supposed to be able to convert a picture of text taken with it into a text note. It can help with translations or e.g. In recording data from business cards or message boards.
  • It will run on a modified Android system – Most likely, the smartphone will w work based on the Fire OS, which is a modification of the Android system, known from Kindle Fire tablets. This will involve downloading apps from the Amazon Appstore.
  • It will have 4.7-inch display with 720p HD resolution.

M-commerce on the rise

PAmazon is a huge e-commerce platform. The site's owners also realize the potential of m-commerce and that more and more purchases on the site are being made from phones. Therefore, Amazon's smartphone can definitely influence the acquisition of new, loyal Amazon

Until now, Amazon's app has been doomed to the mercy of Google and Apple, but now it will start working independently and can be used freely by any owner of a new phone, which will also affect the spread of m-marketing. Amazon is likely to encourage phone owners to make purchases by offering unique discounts.
Amazon also announced today that, as of now, their store's Amazon Appstore more than 240,000 apps and games available, Available in nearly 200 countries on a variety of devices. For comparison, Apple's store has 1.2 million apps, as does the Google Play Store.