The ubiquitous Android Android Wear, Android Auto and Android TV.

The ubiquitous Android: Android Wear, Android Auto and Android TV

Google I/O 2021 yesterday brought news of a complete redesign of all Google products and a new version of the Android OS. During the conference, however, Google revealed many more details about Android and its development towards the Internet of Things. Well, in the coming months we will no longer have to deal not only with Android on smartphones and tablets, but also with Android Wear, Android Auto or Android TV, i.e. Android in watches, cars and televisions.

Android Wear

During Google I/O, there was information about Android Wear, or google’s smartwatches. Smartwatches running on Android Wear are tightly integrated with smartphones and the Google Now assistant. They will respond to the command “Ok, Google…” which will allow for no near-total voice control of the watch. Google has mentioned cooperation with manufacturers such as Motorola, LG i Samsung. What’s more, Google I/O attendees will receive watches as souvenirs – they will be able to choose between the Samsung Gear Live and LG G3.

They will also receive the Moto 360 when it is released.

Android Auto


Android will come to our cars. To use Android Auto, it will be necessary to have a smartphone running on the Android L operating system. When the phone is connected to the car, all data from the smartphone will be displayed on a screen located on the dashboard. The system will not overload the computer in our car, as data will be transferred directly from the phone.

Android Auto means access to features such as, of course navigation, plus: phone, music, car status i general view, which basically equals Google Now. In addition, we will also have access to applications installed on the phone, as long as they are compatible with the car.

Android TV

Android TV is Android on TVs. It will give us access to Google Play, apps and games on a TV screen. Android TV will provide access to movies and programs, and we can operate the TV from a phone or tablet. Google claims that this system will be far more successful than Google TV, unveiled some time ago, which turned out to be a flop.

Manufacturers such as Sony, Sharp i Phillips have promised that Android TV will be pre-installed on their TVs.