Finns pay with a smartphone for a can of soda from a vending machine. And Poles

Finns pay with a smartphone for a can of soda from a vending machine. And Poles?

USA exceeds the EU average in terms of SIM cards in use. The number of cell phone owners is increasing linearly every year. Will we catch up with the Finns, who can use their cell phones to pay for a can of soda from a vending machine?
In 2021, there were 53.9 million SIM cards in use in USA, which means statistically each Pole had 1.4 SIM cards. 2021 saw an increase in the number of registered SIM cards to 56 million. Despite the relative saturation of the market with mobile phone services, their sales have consistently increased linearly.

USA compared to the European Union

The above statistics from the CSO (Telecommunications – business performance in 2021r.) coincide with data obtained from the Telecom Market Matrix database. The current level of mobile penetration in USA is 148% according to the Central Statistical Office. The Telecom Market Matrix database does not include cards through which, for the last quarter, any mobile service was not used. Excluding such SIM cards from the calculation, USA still ranks with a score of 136.8% by 5.9 pp. Above the EU average.

Finland is the undisputed leader with a penetration rate of 179.6%.

Why Finns need so many cell phones?

We often associate Finland with: saunas and clear waters. The youngest were pleased with the Mummies and the Angry Birds game. The Finns have also invented items we use every day: a dish dryer and headlights.
They have enriched the world of technology with Linux and, of course, the Nokia brand. Not surprisingly, the cell phone has many, practical uses in the lives of Finns. In Finland, no one is surprised to have two cell phones: a private one and a business one, and no landline phone.
One can easily pay for a drink via cell phone at a vending machine. Mobile billing systems are popular there, taking the market away from credit card operators. Payments made via cell phone will be added to your phone subscription.

In Helsinki, you can easily purchase a public transport ticket.
Finns also love QR codes. A lot of information can be sewn into such a code, from address details to a link to a website or a downloadable app. As a result, QR codes at bus stops help with schedule information.

On posters promoting cultural events you will find QR codes with details of the performance and an option to book a ticket.

Cell phone usage in USA

Since there is a steady year-on-year increase in registered SIM cards in USA, and access to the Internet is getting better and better, it can be assumed that the cell phone will be increasingly widely used. Boston Consulting Group assumes in its estimates that in 2020. Poles will use 50 million smartphones. According to the report Mobile Marketing in USA 2021/2021 (I, currently approx.

25% of us own a smartphone and use it mainly to: take pictures (69%), listen to music (48%), download and record ringtones (33%), play games (31%), record videos (30%), browse the Internet (23%), manage multimedia (21%).

We want to be like the Finns

Despite not very encouraging data, Poles declare interest in using cell phones for other purposes. For example, QR codes are used by 7% of smartphone users, and would like to see almost 5 times more in the future. Of mobile banking 6% of cell phone owners, and 36% are interested, mobile payments 4%, and as many as 33% are interested.