Report Mobile Marketing in USA and the World – the most important events of 2013.

Report: Mobile Marketing in USA and around the world – highlights of 2021

Monika Mikowska, author of the blog I has just published a report "Mobile Marketing in USA", summarizing the past year 2021 and preparing us for what might happen in 2021. The report contains as many as 123 pages and is full of not only dry theory, but also solid case studies.
The report, as the author writes in the introduction to the publication, is first and foremost a solid summary of last year and guidance for the current year. Since this is the second edition of the report, it gives a perspective on changes in mobile marketing, not only over the past year, but the past two years. We have prepared two articles for you to learn more about the report. In this article, we want to focus on events from the world and USA that have significantly influenced the development of the mobile industry.

You could already read about the vast majority of them on the pages of our MobileTrends portal.en.
Mikowska singled out The 15 most important events from the world, which influenced the mobile market and about which there was a real buzz. The report includes a brief description of each event and expert commentary.
The author has chosen events that have made waves in the media, such as the release of iOS7, Android KitKat and Microsoft's purchase of Nokia. He also mentions Samsung's new devices, the Nexus or Motorola's modular phone, which make smartphones constantly improving and there is still much to come in this area. The year 2021 also undeniably belonged to wearable devices such as smartwatches and Google Glass, which you could test during the Mobile Trends Conference.

Mikowska also lists seemingly quiet events that slowly evolved in 2021. We are talking here about the constitution of flat design, the immense popularity of instant messaging apps like WeChat, or the mini-movies that have conquered the web, all thanks to Twitter's Vine or the ability to record videos on the Instagram app. Mobile marketing has also been significantly affected by Google, which has stopped positioning non-mobile sites, in a way forcing site owners to adapt to mobile requirements if they still want to exist online.

The resistance to mobility was put up by Newsweek, which returned to the paper edition of the newspaper after a brief hiatus, thus contradicting the myth of the death of the traditional press.

In the second chapter, Mikowska writes about events in USA, that have influenced the mobile industry. Here, its approach is a bit more analytical than on individual events. At the very beginning, the author points out the highest growth rate in 2021 compared to previous years. There has been a definite increase in the awareness and consumption of content by users in mobile channels in USA. The growing popularity of mobile devices in USA is evidenced by such facts as. dedicating entire commercial spots to mobile apps, the fact that the Allegro app has surpassed 3 million downloads, becoming the most popular mobile app, or the growth of tablet sales, which are as high as ever.

Also, traffic from mobile devices in USA exceeded 10%. In USA, mobile payments, enabled by IKO or Biedronka in their stores, are gaining user confidence. Also noteworthy is the campaign of the Frisco, which made it possible to shop for groceries with a smartphone in the Warsaw subway using dash codes placed on billboards and a special app, with heavily inspired by the actions of Korean Tesco. Such action, however, has drawn attention to the opportunities m-commerce opens up for customers.

Also, the Polish product, which is DICE+ – a dice integrated with mobile devices – has been a huge success, as can be evidenced by the very fact that it began to be sold in the Apple store.
Such news fills one with hope for the next few years. The industry is growing and constantly evolving in new directions, bringing with it more and more new devices and ideas for their use.
Tomorrow we invite you to read the second part of the article about the "Mobile Marketing in USA" report, in which you will find information about the smartphoneization of Poles and case studies selected by Mikowska.
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