Report Mobile marketing in USA perception and development potential.

Report: Mobile marketing in USA: perceptions and growth potential

A few days ago, a report appeared online titled "Mobile marketing in USA: perceptions and development potential.". It was prepared by Interactions Europe, an international network for native online advertising. It provides a specialized perspective on mobile marketing in USA.

This provides insight into why mobile marketing is not growing as rapidly as it could, and the factors that are hindering and accelerating its growth.
There is more and more talk about mobile marketing, but it does not necessarily translate into results. More and more companies are beginning to realize the importance of the communication channel that mobile represents. As Pawel Milcarz writes in the introduction to the report, the report summarizes the evaluation of experts from different sides of the online advertising market.

Due to the fact that specialists took part in the research, the report provides a slightly different perspective on mobile marketing in USA. Because so far we have learned its aspects primarily from the side of "ordinary" users, such as the following. In the report "Mobile Marketing in USA".

Mobile is a separate channel of communication

Despite the ever-increasing popularity of mobile devices and the growing demand for them, the vast majority of advertisers do not know how to exploit the potential of the mobile channel and the mobile marketing market in USA has been basically non-existent until now. At the beginning of the report, the authors draw the reader's attention to the reasons for this phenomenon. Despite the fact that nearly half of Poles already own a smartphone, advertisers still do not fully understand the idea and potential of this device and apply to it the same rules that apply to other communication channels. The aspects to pay attention to in this regard are as follows:

  • Mobile ≠ desktop -You can't transfer content from computer to mobile devices 1:1. Users use computers and smartphones differently, and it matters when planning marketing efforts.
  • The era of "here and now" – we live in a constant flow and time is a key factor for us. That's why many of us use a smartphone "on the fly," taking it multiple times a day, but only for brief moments.
  • The "less-is-more" generation – constant information noise makes us masters in scanning the content reaching us and catching only those that are relevant to us. On mobile devices, this pattern grows even more – we want to get to the information we need as quickly and easily as possible.
  • Off the charts – Marketers are afraid to invest in the mobile channel because they don't fully know it. This causes them to be constantly stuck in a deadlock. It's high time to break through and dare to jump into the deep end – the amount of time spent online via mobile devices is steadily increasing and perhaps in the not so distant future "mobile" online time will surpass that of desktop.

Popularity vs. effectiveness

Currently, mobile marketing in USA is dominated by forms that are, in a way, a carbon copy of traditional forms, which we know, e.g. from desktops. The first places in the category of popularity of mobile marketing forms belong to sms/mms messages, the second place goes to static ads, and the fourth place to mobile search. The scheme is broken by dedicated apps placed in third place.
Mobile ads also carry a The dissonance between their popularity and effectiveness. It turns out that sometimes unpopular forms (e.g. video) carry high effectiveness, and the most popular ones, such as. static ads – very low effectiveness.

Allies and enemies

The growth of the power of mobile marketing in USA lies primarily in the hands of marketers. Those fortunately find mobile marketing interesting and say it will grow. 83% of them plan to invest in mobile marketing.

Unfortunately, the road from plans to implementation is sometimes very long and winding, but we hope that soon in USA you will be able to see a very interesting use of the potential of mobile marketing. And what primarily stands in the way of adapting mobile marketing solutions? The main reasons are three: Limited number of mobile versions of websites, low mobile data speeds and high mobile data prices. The light at the tunnel, however, is provided by such phenomena as increasingly lower prices of mobile devices and data transfer, the development of m-commerce and new technologies in the issue of mobile advertising.

At the end of the report, it includes 3 forms that, for the moment, are likely to have the most effective impact on the development of mobile marketing in USA. These are: apps, mobile payments and coupons and discount codes.

The data in the report comes from an online survey conducted over a period of 3.04-9.05.2021 r. On a sample of 266 representatives of Polish marketers, media houses, interactive agencies, publishers and online brokers.
You can find the full report at this link.