The “treacherous” smartphone, or apps for hiding and discovering betrayals in a relationship.

“Treacherous” smartphone, or apps for hiding and discovering betrayals in a relationship.

Smartphones are designed to help us in every area of life. Recently, however, apps to help with… cheating, or spying on cheating, have become increasingly popular. Of course, the moral aspect of such apps is a field for controversial discussion, but the mobile app market is beginning to flourish in terms of just about-romance services.

Thais kings of infidelity

According to a study by Durex, Thai men reign supreme in terms of infidelity and are the least faithful lovers. More than half of them admit to infidelity. For those who want to check whether their partner is one of the treacherous ones, or perhaps the faithful 50%, an app has been created ThaiSpy. It works on both iOS, Android and BlackBerry smartphones.

Its operation is undetectable, the app records and saves all data flowing through the smartphone, including conversations and ambient sounds, GPS location, used apps and web browser history. The app also translates messages captured from messaging apps (LINE, Facebook, SMS, email, etc.) from Thai to English. It will also allow you to eavesdrop on phone calls or ambient sounds in real time.

In short – turns our smartphone into a private detective.
Of course, there is a question about the legality of such an application. ThaiSpy representatives explain that they only prepare the application, and its consumption depends only on the user, so they are not “guilty” of anything. In addition, use of the app is either legal or illegal depending on context and location.

When downloading the app, customers must agree to a condition that they will not use the app for illegal purposes, so the responsibility lies 100% with the user.
ThaiSpy can be pre-installed on a smartphone or tablet, allowing you to buy your partner a smartphone “infected” with the application disguised as a Trojan Horse virus. The cost of such pre-installation is currently from $349 upwards. In the future, the company wants to enable direct installations, with prices starting at $149 a year. In addition, a monthly subscription option of $30 is also to be available.

The app is also expected to hit the Philippine market soon.

Americans are looking for the best way to hide an affair

Western society may not so often cheat on its partners, but also in this market, apps for cheating have become popular, but here, those that help with hiding rather than discovering cheating reign supreme. Although, according to a November survey conducted by US dating site Victoria Milan, 45% of Americans have cheated or considered cheating (although, in my opinion, combining these two categories into one gives rather poor statistics). However, the reason for such infidelities is interesting – reportedly, these people cheated (or considered cheating) because their partners paid too much attention to their… phones.
Business Insider has compiled a list of apps to help unfaithful lovers stay hidden: