Smartphone is the most intimate device, hence high user expectations – Amine Melouk.

Smartphone is the most "intimate" device, hence the high expectations of users – Amine Melouk

Amine Melouk – director of InMobi with years of experience in the industry. This is a foreign guest among Mobile Trends Conference 2022 speakers. He reveals his “key” to creating the most user-friendly mobile solutions possible.

He also tells us which of the changes in the mobile industry over the past year has caught his attention the most.

Do you have your patents for making mobile devices more efficient and enjoyable? What?
Thinking first and foremost about the user, I would distinguish first and foremost the creation of products that attract the user and capture their behavior. The next step is to analyze this data until we get the best possible UX.
Users now have an extremely high level of expectations when it comes to the most “intimate” digital device – the smartphone. When designing solutions for users, we need to take this into account.
What are the biggest changes the mobile industry brought with it in 2021?
First and foremost is the rise of the trend of programmatic marketing in mobile channels. As a result, advertisers now have a chance to get a much more carefully tailored – and therefore more valuable – audience.
What is your favorite app and why?
The Eurostar app. I often travel between Paris and London. With this app, I don’t have to use a computer or printer to book a ticket.

This app literally changed my previous travel experience.
You will be giving a talk at Mobile Trends Conference 2022. What your speech will be about?
Mobile has completely changed how users access media, opening untold opportunities for brands to. In effect, this has completely changed the way publishers attract, retain and monetize mobile usage. During my talk, I will try to introduce these capabilities and discuss their success in a post-desktop world.