On mobile solutions for the shipping industry and beyond – Miroslaw Krajewski.

About mobile solutions for the shipping industry and beyond – Miroslaw Krajewski

Miroslaw Krajewski has worked in sales for nearly 30 years as a high-end specialist. As part of the “3 questions for the speaker” series, he talks about the needs and expectations of companies in terms of mobile solutions. The aspects he talks about in relation to insurance or transportation companies are not just dry information, but conclusions based on observations of reality.

The interview reveals the dual dimension of mobility – as mobile solutions adapted to the industry that are constantly “on the road”.
Which branch of business do you think has far too poorly adapted mobile solutions in relation to market needs?
I will not talk about the poor adoption of mobile solutions in specific industries, but rather about who has very high needs and expectations. Imagine the facilitation of contact in smaller forwarding companies when we give them permanent access to the Internet outside USA and two, maybe three simple applications. Drivers delivering goods to Germany, the UK, the Netherlands or Spain, do not return to USA without loading, but usually go to complete further orders. Meanwhile, they need access to the Internet to receive an order, issue an invoice or send it to the office.

We know from our customers that this is very often a problem. Drivers look for Internet cafes, try to connect to free wifi, which, as we know very well, works mediocrely. All this to theoretically save money on data transmission. And all you need is a basic smartphone with constant internet access and then this kind of simple for all of us, is no problem at all.

Lack of international roaming means that we are treated by the network everywhere in the same way as in our home country.
I also see great needs and development in the insurance industry. Imagine that one day we will report the damage when it occurs. Like? With RND, we press one button on the cell phone and locate the nearest agent.

Assessment of the damage is thus quick, because the agent is relatively close to us. In this way, we also eliminate fraudsters reporting damages. Going forward, insurers may start requiring car policyholders to install locators to easily track a car after theft.
What is not worth doing, does not pay to do in “mobiles”?
Overpay. We should pay great attention to not paying more for services than they are worth.
What your speech will be about?
The topic of my speech is “The phone as an effective work tool for the transport industry”. We know what problems are faced by freight forwarding companies that operate internationally. The industry has its own expectations, the certainty of contact, fast and impeccable data transmission and its quality is essential.