The triumph of mobile video advertising, or a new era of mobile advertising.

The triumph of mobile video advertising, or the new era of mobile advertising

Television is slowly going away, replaced by online streaming and…mobile devices. Advertising aired on TV is making less and less profit for advertisers, so they have decided to go to the mobile side of power. Mobile advertising, while it can be just as annoying as TV spots, is proving more effective, and users are looking at it in a slightly more favorable way.

In the snare of multiscreening

Attracting attention with advertising is becoming more and more difficult because the way people watch TV is changing – it has long been media hype, but now it’s even harder to get the viewer’s attention because it’s overriding it multiscreening – When watching TV, always hold the remote control in one hand and the smartphone in the other. Mobile advertising has the advantage over TV advertising that, unlike the latter, it can be engaging. During TV commercials, we are usually occupied with something else (usually browsing content on a smartphone), while we are stopped by a mobile ad, we do not have much “room for escape”.

In addition, the mobile form factor allows the user to be redirected to a website or application or be drawn into an advertising game. In addition, Mobile advertising doesn’t have to compete with TV advertising at all, but it can in a great way supplement.

72% increase in mobile ad views

Research on mobile advertising has conducted Nielsen In cooperation with BrightRoll. Spending (but also revenue) on digital advertising in the U.S. continues to grow, and over the next few years will increasingly begin to catch up with TV ad spending. In 2021, the spending is expected to be 2 respectively.$19 billion for television and 1.$76 billion for digital advertising.

As much as 73% year-on-year growth in smartphone ad views – up 42% for tablets, comparing 2021 and 2021 data.
Nielsen, in partnership with BrightRoll, conducted a study that was also designed to help marketers find ways to advertise even more effectively. It turns out that effectively reaching the desired target audience can increase by nearly 13% if TV advertising is combined with mobile video advertising.