Report 2022 – a comprehensive source of knowledge about mobile trends.

Report: USA.IS.MOBI 2022 – a comprehensive resource on mobile trends

Monika Mikowska, a regular speaker at the Mobile Trends Conference and author of the blog I, for the third time, has prepared a hefty report on mobile in USA. Compared to previous years (we wrote about last year’s report here and here), the title has changed and, so to speak, the subject matter has expanded – it is no longer “Mobile Marketing in USA”, but “USA.IS.MOBI 2022”. Mobile, on the other hand, is no longer just about smartphones and tablets, but also the Internet of Things and a full range of activities for everyday activities such as shopping, banking and payments.
The report is divided into three chapters. In the first one you can find the current data on the smartphoneization of Poles at the moment. The second chapter is a review of the top 10 Polish companies worthy of emulation in terms of mobility.

The third chapter introduces the mobile market in USA – it includes the opinions of a wide range of experts on mobile trends in various fields ( Banking or advertising).
The report is as much as 176 pages on mobile, in view of this, a sparse summary of its content is almost impossible. So we decided to select a dozen interesting information contained in the report, which we hope will encourage you to explore on your own and read the whole “USA.IS.MOBI 2022”.

  • Level Smartphone penetration in USA is 58% – and so it is constantly growing. In 2021 it was 33%, in January 2021 – 44%. The level of tablet penetration is 21% at the moment.
  • In USA, it is undeniably the system that rules Android (65%), While in second place is the underrated Windows Phone (16%).
  • On average, a smartphone consumes over approx. 3h a day, However, on most weekdays it is less than 30 minutes. On the weekends, however, we make up for this time. Almost all the time we use services on it that require an Internet connection.
  • 21% of Polish Internet users with a bank account use mobile banking.
  • Z mobile payments 35% of Internet users have used it at least once in their lives. 17% do so at least several times a week.
  • USA does not differ much from other European countries in terms of the use of various devices. We are a “multi-device’owy” nation, and at the same time still “computer-centric” – we mostly use laptops or PCs.
  • Internet accompanies us throughout the day, only during dinner everyone – regardless of age – uses smartphones less often.
  • Smartphones are used almost equally by all users in the 16-45 age range.
  • A novelty in the report is the focus also on the new trends, and therefore devices such as wearable technologies, smart cars or homes, as well as new trends: the sharing economy or self-monitoring. To read in detail on this topic, see pages 31-36.
  • As top 10 polish companies in mobile mentioned were: TVN, Allegro Group, Agora, Wirtualna Polska Group, Neptis (Yanosik), Listonic,, Unilever (, Maspex Wadowice Group and Polski Standard Płatności (BLIK). In the report you can read in detail about the successes and strengths of each of these companies based on case-studies.
  • The last part of the report is statements from experts of areas such as: banking, m-payments, m-commerce, mobile advertising and mobile operators.
  • M-banking in 2022 means the development of HCE contactless payments, the development of BLIK payments, transaction services in RWD or the monetization of the mobile channel and offers dedicated to mobile.
  • Trends in mobile advertising for this year is use of beacons, video display, rich media, relying on geolocation, behavioral targeting and breaking away from thinking only about apps.
  • The key players in this market are giants such as Google and Facebook, but also online publishers and Polish and foreign mobile advertising networks.

It is worth appreciating that each of the topics presented in the last chapter, is discussed by the the widest possible range of experts, and not representatives of one or two companies. Thanks to this broad approach, we are assured that the report gives us access to objective knowledge, rather than one-sided or even advertising information.
Also noteworthy, as always so far when it comes to Mikowska’s reports, is the following visual side of the report. The form of the report is very aesthetically pleasing – above all, readable and not overloaded with content, condensed, but at the same time providing a lot of information, and simply…pretty and colorful, but with sensitivity and moderation. It just reads with pleasure.
Each chapter of the “USA.IS.The “MOBI 2022” abounds with information, given in a clear but comprehensive manner. Thanks to reading the report, everyone can certainly get to know and understand better how mobile works in USA – what trends are developing and nurtured, what actions are worth imitating, where to get inspiration from. We strongly encourage you to read the entire report!
The entire report is available for download using Pay with a Tweet or Facebook at Below you can see a synopsis of the whole thing: