Mobile Book of Trends 2021 – the biggest mobile trends of the year.

Mobile Book of Trends 2021 – the biggest mobile trends of the year

An interesting publication has appeared online – Mobile Book of Trends 2021 – which was created in cooperation between UXPin and Movade. Although the publication is published in English, the authors are Polish: Marcin Treder, Adam Pachucki, Adam Zielonko and Kamil Ɓukasiewicz. The e-book is an interesting collection of all the mobile trends that will make themselves known this year.
The item has as many as 158 pages and describes in detail each of the trends, Flat design, wearable devices or typography. Each issue is a brief description of a trend, along with many interesting examples of applications (for iOS and Android), which serve to illustrate the phenomenon and can serve as a "template" for developers and application developers.

The latest mobile trends

In addition to the more popular trends, such as. maximum simplification and transparency of interfaces, the authors also mention some more interesting and perhaps not so directly visible trends. An interesting trend is enterprise mobile, what can be slowly translated as „mobile in enterprises” according to which the consumerization of enterprises is taking place. At work, too, we want to be surrounded by things that are pretty, with good design – even, and perhaps especially in the case of mobile applications.

It is also worth remembering the so-called. pure guidelines. It's all about maximizing the pleasure and simplicity of using the app. Simple, yet not always easy to apply.

Contextual awareness, that is, in "context awareness" is a trend that makes smartphones seem just to be aware of where we are, what we are doing, and how to make the moment easier/enjoyable for us. The trend sounds strongly futuristic and almost "epitomizes" smartphones as a kind of personal assistant. According to the authors of the publication, this trend began to develop more intensively in 2021, thanks to the development of Bluetooth Low Energy technology, and will definitely evolve and dominate the market in the coming years.

Graphic trends in apps

Among purely graphical trends, the authors noted the dominance of large images, as well as blur, or blurring, which is a common background for any application or even a website. In addition, a strong trend of creating infographic, which are an extremely aesthetically pleasing and readable form of information transfer. Mobile infographics are, of course, different from the elaborate web infographics, but at least sports apps like Endomondo after each workout are raking us with just such an infographic.

A noticeable trend is also circles, i.e. circles, which have begun to dominate many interfaces, such as in Facebook Messenger or Foursquare apps. Other easily noticeable trends include. simplification of fonts, dominance of large images or attention to transparency of interfaces.
The last chapter includes a bonus of 10 must-have apps for Windows Phone, as all the case studies in the book focused on apps available for iOS and Android. However, the authors see potential in the windows operating system and want to highlight an interesting selection of apps for Windows Phone-based devices.

Full list of mobile trends

The entire list of trends can be found below:

  1. Typography – typography
  2. Flat design & Simplicity – flat design and simplicity
  3. Gestural interfaces
  4. Circles – circles
  5. Enterprise mobile – mobile in enterprises
  6. Wearable computers – wearable devices
  7. Pure guidelines – clear application user experience
  8. Contextual awareness
  9. Large images
  10. Blur – blurring
  11. Microiteractions
  12. Mobile-powered customer – customer with mobile support

You can download the entire publication at this link. We heartily encourage you to read!