In 2022. New, more creative advertising ideas await us

In 2022. new, more creative advertising ideas await us

Rafal Staszkiewicz – entrepreneur, experienced manager, and expert in strategy building, branding, marketing communications, and mobile advertising – answers 3 questions for the speaker at Mobile Trends Conference 2022. In the interview, he talks about the challenges facing mobile advertising, and why mobile coupons were one of the best mobile solutions of last year, according to him.

What new developments can we expect in the mobile industry in 2022?
In the area of mobile communication and advertising, I expect to see more use of new, non-standard forms of advertising and the so-called "new" advertising. native advertising. We will certainly witness new, more creative advertising ideas (rich-media, video display). New things we can also expect in the field of ad targeting.

Research shows that mobile campaigns with targeting achieve 50-70% better results compared to standard campaigns. The challenge for the mobile market for 2022-2022 in this area is: