Wearables can affect the dynamics of business decisions and activities – Marek Broda.

Wearables can affect the dynamics of business decisions and actions – Marek Broda

Marek Broda, who is primarily involved in educating the market about Marketing Automation, answering "3 questions for the speaker" focuses primarily on his specialty, marketing. He talks about mobile solutions in the context of the latest devices and technologies, such as the following. Google Glass, which you will be able to see during Mobile Trends for Business on May 27-28 in Krakow, USA.
Which non-technological business sector do you think is best at adapting mobile technologies?

Bet on e-commerce, or rather, the now slowly recognized mCommerce. Phones and tablets are increasingly used for shopping. This can be seen among the leading online stores or auction portals, which already make it practically standard to provide applications to facilitate shopping on mobile devices.
Do you think new devices like Google Glass or Smart Watch will find use in supporting business?
Definitely YES. Increasingly important in business is the dynamics of decision-making and action, which to be accurate should rely on up-to-date information. These types of devices can be a great way to deliver key information needed to run a business in real time.

The problem, however, may be their proper use, so that the information shown is truly relevant and reaches the recipient at the perfect moment.
You will give a lecture at Mobile Trends for Business. What will your speech be about?
I will show how to effectively reach the growing group of customers using mobile to learn about companies' offers and make purchases. Mobile is another place served by SALESmanago Marketing Automaiton, where we can identify and monitor the behavior of potential and current customers and serve them individually tailored content of interest to them at a particular time. What's more, everything a customer sees in mobile will be consistent with what he or she sees on a website, reads in an email or hears from a salesperson.

Marek Broda

A graduate of the Cracow University of Economics. At Benhauer, he educates the market on Marketing Automation and the functionality of the SALESmanago system. In the field of education, he conducts online trainings, prepares materials and informative articles and organizes events on Marketing Automation in USA.