Windows Phone 8. 1 – update now available for download!

Windows Phone 8.1 – Update now available for download!

18 months – that’s how long we had to wait for another Windows Phone update. Today Microsoft released a new update to developers – to the Windows Phone 8 version.1. Ordinary users can also install it on their phone, but by taking some risks.

What’s new?

The system brings with it not only improved performance of the phone itself, but also new functionalities. With the update, a virtual assistant will appear on our phone – Cortana. It is temporarily available only to US users of Windows Phone 8.1. Crotana is expected to be available for residents of the UK and China in the second half of 2021 and for the rest of the country only in 2022.

To try the assistant now, it is necessary to change the region in the phone’s settings, but then some location-related functionality may stop working properly.
Along with the update will also come a new notification center, Which will allow users to collect all notifications in one place. In addition, the following will also change tiles on the start screen – the user will be able to decide for themselves what their background will be. Tiles will become even more personalized and we will be able to modify them as we wish.

The update also brings with it swipe keyboard.