Microsoft’s blunder – premature announcement of the purchase of Acompli – an email application.

Microsoft's blunder – premature information about the purchase of Acompli – an email application

Email apps are a category that is becoming increasingly "trendy". Developers want to make life as easy as possible for their users by sorting emails in all possible ways, and the features they provide make such an app start to look more like a personal assistant or calendar than a simple email reading app. Which applications exactly are we talking about?

First of all, about the Google Inbox app unveiled not so long ago, and also about Acompli, which…is most likely to be acquired by Microsoft.
Nothing dies on the Internet and it took perceptive Internet users literally a few seconds to track down Microsoft's likely deal. Those who follow Microsoft's blog via RSS feed a dozen hours ago saw an erroneous post, both the title and content of which read blank post please delete. It looked like a simple mistake, however, it gave away one of Microsoft's secrets – the post referred to the following address:
Microsoft acquires Acompli doesn't sound like a randomly typed title. The page where the target lands obviously does not exist, but the content of the link itself reveals enough. The editors of Tech Crunch, who first publicized the blunder, state that such an acquisition is highly likely, as it would be rather pointless to prepare such a link baselessly.

What is Acompli itself? Microsoft apparently wanted to follow in the footsteps of google’s Inbox and also create (or rather, acquire) an extremely convenient email account application that "thinks" for the user. Acompli is an e-mail application so far aimed at "professionals", as a business mailbox, which is also a calendar and a handy collection of all attachments and contacts.

It serves as an instant search for the most relevant messages in one's email account.
Microsoft has so far refused to make any comment on its „mishap”.