Mobile marketing – how wearables can revolutionize it

Mobile marketing – how wearables devices can revolutionize it?

It will probably be a long time before wearables become as popular as smartwatches. However, wearable devices have already found their crowds and it can be assumed that their popularity will only grow. It is estimated that the wearables market will grow tenfold in the next three to five years.

What follows will gradually lead to a mobile revolution, covering many aspects, including m-marketing.
Good marketing, first of all, is well personalized marketing. Already, marketers are trying to gather as much information as possible about their audiences so they can send them the most tailored marketing messages possible. The smartphone is a goldmine of knowledge about us, though given the privacy settings of many apps, we can still remain at least slightly anonymous. We don't have to share our location data or allow access to apps like. to our Facebook profile. However, mobile devices – and wearables even more so – are meant to make our lives easier, and in order to do that job well, the devices need to "know" us, and thus have access to as much information about us as possible.

Final wearables can know more about our person than… ourselves.