Online stores should implement m-commerce solutions as soon as possible – Pawel Bilinski.

Online stores should implement m-commerce solutions as soon as possible – Pawel Bilinski

"3 questions for the speaker" is answered this time by Pawel Bilinski, UX Manager at Lizard Mobile. In the interview, he tells us about online as well as offline sales solutions and how they should interact with mobile devices. As a reminder, you will be able to hear all the speakers on May 26-27 at the Mobile Trends for Business conference in Krakow, USA!
How do you think mobile apps can support business?

I think mobile devices ─ mainly tablets ─ are a great tool to support offline sales activities. They are a great solution to the problem of high production and maintenance costs of traditional marketing materials. I mean all the applications that support the activities of sales representatives in the field ─ integrated with CRM/ERP solutions, generating dynamic offers, offering the ability to analyze sales statistics online, also in real time.
Which branch of business do you think has far too poorly adopted mobile solutions in relation to market needs?
In USA, far too few online stores allow shopping via mobile devices. eCommerce in USA is increasingly emphasizing communication with young people, who will inevitably use the Internet less and less on desktop devices. The ever-increasing quality and availability of mobile Internet is also a contributing factor. Therefore, all online stores should review their sales strategy as soon as possible, supplementing it with m-commerce solutions.
You will give a lecture at Mobile Trends for Business. What your speech will be about?
I want to talk in concrete terms about the fact that selling through mobile devices is a reality affecting every industry. I will show examples, numbers, statistics and the process of designing m-commerce solutions, as well as the risks and problems associated with them.