The market for mobile apps to support business is limitless – Alexander Gawronski.

The market for mobile applications to support business is unlimited – Alexander Gawronski

Aleksander Gawronski, responsible for the development of electronic channels for corporate clients at mBank, who has been involved in banking for more than 10 years, answers "3 questions for the speaker" of Mobile Trends For Business. In an interview he says on how wearables can support business management and the opportunities for mobile applications in the area of business support.
How do you think mobile applications can support business?

Business development depends on a number of factors – from access to current and key information, through skillful management of financial resources, constant expansion of the company's scale of operations, development of its offerings, to proper management of relations with contractors or training of personnel.
Related to the above, the market for mobile apps that can support business seems limitless. Applications of all kinds, allowing to receive relevant information, aggregated and delivered on time and in one place, and taking into account the needs of the company, can be at a premium. Mobile banking applications, on the other hand, make it possible to respond immediately to received information, if only about financial markets, and provide secure and simple management of enterprise finances almost anywhere in the world. Dedicated CRM mobile apps, prepared in cooperation with corporations, can significantly support contacts with their customers or clients.

They provide contact details, cooperation history and details of past and current transactions, supporting the planning of contacts, meetings or the preparation of a suitable offer. Mobile applications can also be an additional sales channel – a modern company should use modern solutions to be perceived as developing in the eyes of customers. Also, I can't imagine the logistics market without mobile apps – from ordering, through the implementation of the entire delivery process and its tracking, to after-sales service.
Mobility is available in public transportation, newspapers, stores, daily interactions – in other words, it is available almost everywhere. It is also not to be missed in business.
Do you think new devices like Google Glass or Smart Watch will find use in supporting business?
"Wearables" or mobile devices in the broadest sense, with a particular focus on smart watches, in my opinion have a future in business. Already their current capabilities allow to improve the businessman's experience. The mere fact that you can check email or SMS messages during important meetings is quite a convenience. The ability to work as a HandsFree device is also useful, as most people are still on the move, and there is not always time or opportunity to use standard devices. Discretion and functionality are essential advantages and advantages of such devices.

I assume that already in the near future they will reach a higher level of sophistication, and will be able to act at least as a speech recognition device, so that with their help you can calmly dictate an email or SMS message on the go.
You will give a lecture at Mobile Trends for Business. What your speech will be about?
The topic of my speech will be mobile banking for mBank CompanyMobile corporation. I would like to present the opportunities offered to corporate clients by modern technologies used in mBank's mobile banking – from PUSH notifications, providing immediate response to changes in financial markets, through gestures that facilitate logging into systems, taking into account security aspects, to handling hundreds of thousands of transactions, so important for businesses. In addition, I would like to introduce the modern functionality of the FX module, which allows users to make FX transactions in an intuitive way. I will also discuss flexible authorization systems, enabling multi-stage authorization of orders.

I will also point out the differences between mobile banking dedicated to retail customers and solutions prepared with the specificity of corporate customers in mind.

Alexander Gawronski

Responsible for the development of electronic channels for corporate clients at mBank, involved with banking for more than 10 years, leader of many development projects in the field of transactional products. In 2021. Together with the development team created a comprehensive B2B mobile banking ? mBank CompanyMobile, a solution with a unique and interactive model of cooperation with the user. Graduate of the Warsaw School of Economics majoring in Quantitative Methods, also studied computer science, speaker at many conferences on innovation.