Tired of your child’s ignorance Install Ignore No More.


Fed up with your child's ignorance? Install Ignore No More

Human history is no stranger to frequent intergenerational conflicts. Children used to rebel against their parents in the past, they still do it today. Only the circumstances and means of this age-old "battle" are changing.

However, the story of Sharon Standifird, an American mother frustrated by her children's ignorance, shows that parents have not yet said the last word, and technology can be a serious support for them, as we signaled some time ago.
Sharon Standifird has repeatedly experienced what most parents in the world probably face. Attempts to contact her son, Bradley, mostly came to nothing. The teenager was constantly busy texting, playing mobile games or chatting with friends.

Mother said enough, and Her annoyance was also the motivation for creating the app, That will prevent the child from ignoring the parent. This is how the idea for Ignore No More came about.