Microsoft Sway – a new tool for creating impressive pages and presentations.

Microsoft Sway – a new tool for creating impressive pages and presentations

Microsoft has shared its new product with the public. The Sway application will enlarge the Office’a family and thus expand its – already quite large – capabilities. What is Sway?

Writing in the broadest terms, another tool for creating websites and presentations in the WYSIWYG (WYSIWYG) method. What You See Is What You Get). However, the U.S. giant’s new product is expected to stand out with several features. What?

You will read more about it later in the article.
The principle of WYSIWYG programs is quite simple. It can be compared to putting together a jigsaw puzzle. A person who wants to create a website or presentation can do so with just text and graphics, and no knowledge of scripting languages or site development principles is required.

Such editors have been widely available for a very long time, and Microsoft itself has FrontPage’a in its portfolio (not developed since 2003).
Sway’s advantage over older solutions is supposed to be the use of Microsoft servers. The tool will allow you to render your designs in the cloud, as well as help with the site design process itself. Like?

One example is the way it formats text and photos to suggest the appropriate color scheme for a page or presentation under construction. All, necessary calculations will take place in the cloud, and the less advanced user will be left with nothing more than to accept the generated design.