Announcing changes personalization of places in Foursquare and the competitive idea of Google.

Announcing changes: personalization of places in Foursquare and the competitive idea of Google

Foursquare and Google Maps have announced changes to their apps. Foursqaure’s users are about to experience a small revolution – a complete redesign and some changes in the functioning of the app. Starting today, you will need to install the Swarm app to use the check-in function.

Google Maps follows Foursquare’s doings and…s decided to make competition.

A trailer for the new Foursquare’s new feature

The main purpose of the changes to the Foursquare app is to introduce a A heavily personalized system for recommending places. According to Forsquare's developers, this is a huge step toward a personalized approach to recommending locations and places, which has been the main goal since the app's inception. The app will display recommended places based on the user's check-ins, tastes or tracked experts.

The new version of the app is expected to be released in the next few weeks.
In addition, Foursquare has decided to a complete redesign. According to the developers, a completely new application requires a completely new logo. The service will get a new logo, which will have a simpler form than its predecessor and will change its color to a darker shade of blue.

The symbol itself will also change – it will take the form of a pink „F”, resembling a pin and at the same time the cape of a superhero.
The application itself will feature new navigation bar bottom. There will be options such as „Find a place”, „Here”, „Tips” and „Profile”. Under „Find a place” there will be segments with suggestions based on user preferences, a search bar at the top and a carousel bar so we can refine the places we are interested in.
If you use Swarm, a separate Foursquare app for check-in, the new Foursquare app is expected to work seamlessly with Swarm – then in the Foursquare app menu we will see an additional „Check-in” button (however, it is necessary to install both apps). From today, to check-in with Foursquare, you will have to have the Swarm app installed separately.

Google Maps challenges Foursquare

Google Maps has most likely previewed Foursquare's plans, for it has prepared a Foursquare-analogous feature in the Maps app. The addition is called "Explore" ("Explore") and can be found in the lower right corner of the map. Unlike Foursquare’s addition to Maps is expected to be available for use later this week.

Explore is to select location search results based on context – e.g. weather or time of day. If you share your location with the app, Maps will select search results based on your location history. In addition, Android users using the "My Location" button will be able to get more location information – such as. access to restaurant reviews.