A responsive site is a must have – Google has stopped supporting sites without mobile versions.

A responsive site is a must have – Google has stopped supporting sites without mobile versions

Google has long warned that sites without mobile counterparts will gradually begin to lose their position in search results. A month ago, a final, official decision on the matter has already been made – according to an official statement regarding sites without a mobile version: “Google’s search engine will not recognize these sites as mobile-friendly, which will affect their display by smartphone users and position in search results.”. This will be clearly reflected in the number of impressions from mobile devices and in the position in search results.

Mobile sites, whether dedicated or reponsive, have thus become a must-have.

Must-have for everyone

Who says that positioning his site in Google search results is unnecessary? No one? Well. For a long time, there has been talk about the growing number of impressions on mobile devices and the need for mobile solutions, but still many developers and site owners considered mobile versions or RWD as an add-on, an extravagance or even a fad.

Thanks to a Google regulation from earlier this year, having a responsive or mobile site has become no longer an add-on, but a requirement, mandatory for all site owners who care about audience and frequent views. Google is reaching out to website owners, giving them tips and solutions that will help them create a site adapted for mobile devices, sometimes even without having to involve web developers in the process. If a site uses WordPress or Joomla software, it is relatively easy to adapt it for mobile devices.
Responsive Web Design is no longer just a trend in web designis the current standard. The popularization of reponsive sites is linked to the huge increase in the number of mobile users, which has been growing every year over the past few years. In America, mobile traffic grew 112% over the past year.

It is clear that in order to best reach your audience, you also need to take care of those who browse the Internet primarily on smartphones or tablets.

Simplicity first

Nowadays in many areas of life there is a fashion for minimalism and maximum usability, and this trend has not escaped the mobile world either. When creating mobile solutions, it is worth following simplicity and clarity. When creating such solutions, and therefore responsive websites, the key factor is UX. The most important thing, then, is that the site is easy to use and provides easy access to key functions. It’s worth following the biggest nationwide or worldwide sites here, such as the following.

Amazon or Allegro. We also recommend taking a look at solutions that have won recognition from experts in the mobile world, receiving the 2021 Mobile Trends Awards.
Once you get the UX at its best level, it’s worth thinking about making sure the site represents the brand’s philosophy in some way or tells a story. Simplicity first and foremost, but this does not exclude the note storytelling, which almost always serves in favor of the brand.