Mobile solutions worthy of attention according to Krzysztof Marc.

Mobile solutions worthy of attention according to Krzysztof Marzec

The 4th edition of Mobile Trends Conference will be held in just over a month. With this in mind, we are starting a series of “3 questions for the speaker” MTC2022. The series opens with Krzysztof Marzec, Certified AdWords Trainer and Managing Director at DevaGroup.

In a mini-interview, he talks about his favorite app, as well as the innovations that have recently caught his attention.
What is your favorite app and why?
Pushbullet. For a long time I used various applications that synchronize work on the computer with the mobile device, and perhaps that is why I missed Pushbullet. App revolutionizes phone interaction.

Sometimes I don’t know where it is, sometimes I don’t have it with me, and I can easily manage any notifications or reply to text messages from my computer. If you send a lot of emails to yourself as notes – this app is definitely for you.
Which of the recent mobile device launches impressed you the most?
I think three tidbits that deserve attention are:

  • Quadrocopters controlled and managed by smartphones – a great toy, but also an extension of camera/camera capabilities.
  • Beacons finally in an application that is clear to me, i.e. Woolet.
  • Selfie stick – and I’m afraid that this may become popular ;).

You will give a lecture at Mobile Trends Conference 2022. What will your speech be about?
AdWords on mobile – a powerful marketing tool, and not always well used. Over the past year I have trained about 300 people with AdWords, analyzed the results of hundreds of campaigns – I have gathered through them the knowledge of how to advertise in mobile AdWords so as to do it perfectly and taking advantage of the system’s capabilities. There will be no shortage of specific cases, data, interesting solutions to implement at home and a few words about the powerful tool Google Analytics.