Microsoft promises all Lumias with WP 8, will get upgrade to Windows 10!

Microsoft promises: all Lumias with WP 8, will get an update to Windows 10!

We still haven’t had time to come to terms with the official and final farewell to phones with the Nokia logo, and already new information is flowing to us from the Microsoft camp. It is worth mentioning that this is the news that probably all Windows Phone smartphone owners are waiting for. Indeed, it turns out that the Redmond giant has plans to update all Lumias, running Windows Phone 8, to the tenth version of Windows.
The above information was conveyed in a rather unexpected way, as through a tweet on the official @Lumia account:

Moreover, from the information provided, we can learn about new models of Windows 10 devices, which was rather predictable. A less obvious question was the name of the mobile version of the upcoming system, but it will probably be the same on all hardware platforms.

Is this something certain?

It seems that Microsoft’s plans have been clearly spelled out. However, some restraint is advised with regard to this company’s announcements. We all remember how Windows Phone 7 phones ended up – their owners did not get an update to the eighth version of the system. Only a patch appeared, which improved a few small things. So, can we fully trust Microsoft?

And yes, and no.

Why only Lumias?

Discerning commentators quite quickly noticed that in the tweet presented above, there is a reference only to smartphones in the Lumia series. Admittedly, this is Microsoft’s main family of devices, which the company has had direct control over since its acquisition of Nokia. However, there are also other manufacturers in the mobile Windows market, such as Samsung and HTC.

The question, therefore, seems unfounded, about the fate of those devices that do not belong to the series inherited from Nokia. Will Microsoft take care of all Windows Phone 8 devices, or maybe only a select few?