Find out if your smartphone will get an update to Android Lollipop (5. 0).

Check if your smartphone will receive an update to Android Lollipop (5.0)

The latest, fifth version of Android is expected to bring quite a few new features. If any of you are not yet aware of what Google is preparing for us, we recommend familiarizing yourself with our article. Other readers who have had time to learn the scale of the changes that Android Lollipop will bring (5.0), they are certainly wondering if their device will get an update to the latest version of the system.
Several weeks after the announcement of the new Android version, we now know which smartphone or tablet models will receive the update to Android 5.0. If you are about to replace your phone, or are looking around for a new one, it's worth taking a look at the list below, because the new version of Google's system is worth installing – it really will bring some interesting changes.