The launch of the Fire Phone, Amazon’s first smartphone!

Launch of Fire Phone – Amazon’s first smartphone!

Yesterday, June 18, 2021., Amazon unveiled its first smartphone, the Fire Phone. The phone stands out from others by its very design, as there are as many as 5 cameras on the front, allowing for the unique feature of 3D effects. In addition, Amazon has equipped its first smartphone with several additional features that we will not encounter in other manufacturers.

Dynamic Perspective

Amazon Fire stands out from other phones with three features. As expected, the phone uses 3D effects. The option is called Dynamic Perspective and can be used for apps such as games, maps or even shopping apps. It allows the phone to be operated seamlessly with one hand, using gestures.

In addition, the phone tracks our movement, in view of which, for example. in games we can look around and follow the virtual world through the eyes of a character. Dynamic Perspective also allows auto-scroll, so web pages or books will follow us on their own, without the need to move them manually.

Firefly button

The second of the innovative features is Firefly button. It scans and identifies the contents of business cards, posters or newspapers, allowing us to quickly save contacts or send emails. It also recognizes more than 240,000 movies and TV series and 160 TV channels, allowing you to quickly search for information such as. about the plot or actors. It also has a function similar to Shazam, so it will recognize music for us and add it to our wish list. Firefly also allows us to take pictures of various objects so that the smartphone identifies them for us and finds them in the depths of the Amazon store so that we can purchase the product directly from the phone.

So it will definitely make shopping easier for loyal Amazon customers.

Mayday button and Amazon Prime

Another feature intended for customers is Mayday button, Which will trigger a video call to an Amazon representative to help with any problem with the device. New Fire owners will also get a free one-year subscription to the Amazon Prime, which provides free item shipping, music and video streaming.

A few words about hardware and Fire OS

The smartphone has 4.7-inch display, quad-core Snapdragon processor 800 2.2 GHz and 2GB of RAM. The battery is expected to last 285 hours on standby. Amazon Fire also boasts exceptionally good camera 13MP. It features optical image stabilization, shoots videos in 1080p and provides unlimited cloud storage for photos taken.

The smartphone runs on a version of Android modified by Amazon Fire OS 3.5.0 (which means no ability to use features such as Gmail or Google Maps).