Santa’s smartphone.

Santa's smartphone

Santa Claus is tomorrow, Christmas is just around the corner… have you ever wondered what kind of apps Santa Claus would have on his smartphone? We present a few interesting applications that can come in handy not only for Santa Claus, but also for hard-working elves, Star, Angel, or Star – anyone who has on his head the serious task of delivering gifts to the homes of polite children (and not only…) ;).

1. Good navigation

To reach every home, St. Santa Claus certainly needs good navigation. Preferably one that will help him avoid traffic jams and allow him to reach his chosen home in the shortest possible time.

The choice of a particular one already depends on the preference of the St. Santa Claus, but we recommend e.g. Yanosik, Sygic: GPS Navigation, OsmAnd Maps i Navigating or NaviExpert.

2. A good plan is the basis

Before proceeding to the "gifts" action, it is worth creating a plan of action. Traditional calendar, or application Any.To, Thanks to which St. Santa can lay out a list of things to do – check the condition of the sleigh, feed the reindeer, buy gifts, wrap them, distribute them to homes… no easy task, and such a check-list can be helpful.

3. Shopping list

In the shopping itself, Santa will certainly be helped by a practical shopping list, for example. application Listonic. Santa Claus can create separate lists of gifts for each of the "wards", and in addition, the data entered after connecting to the online network will sort themselves by store departments. Shopping with Listonic in hand will certainly help bring gift chaos under control and avoid the persistent question of "are you sure I already bought this…".

4. Support from the web

Once the reindeer get tired of flying from one store to another, St. Santa can sit quietly in front of the fireplace and shop online. The good old-fashioned can be helpful Allegro, Which, in 99% of cases, will give us the very gift we are looking for.

In addition, it's sometimes worth getting inspired by browsing offers and catalogs of stationary stores on a smartphone – apps from Ikea, Lidl, Biedronka, H&M, Zara, Alma, Rossmann, Super-Pharm and many others can bring a sudden gift revelation.

5. Penny to penny..

If our Saint already decides to go mobile shopping, it's worth not getting ripped off and saving here and there. Help is provided by mobile apps such as Knockout 24, Nook Scanner, Ceneo or Scout.en, With which Santa will be able to compare prices easily and quickly.

6. To make specific dreams come true..

Finding that ONE gift can sometimes lead to white fever. However, how to find out here what would make the most fun? Unfortunately, no mind-reading application has yet been developed, but several have been created that allow you to send anonymous text messages… so you can ask the delinquent what he or she is dreaming of, and then make the dream come true.

Polish developers have not yet created such an application, but you can look for support e.g. in apps Mustache Anonymous Texting SMS, SMS Anonyme or Free Number, Texting and Calls.
We hope this list of apps and tips will help everyone who wants to step into the role of Santa Claus and feel the magic of gift-giving ;). And above all, we wish you the very best gifts and – right now Merry Christmas!