What should be the ideal tablet or computer for seniors – Wieslaw Gliniak.

What should be the ideal tablet or computer for seniors – Wieslaw Gliniak

Wieslaw Gliniak is, as he says about himself, „a man of many professions”. Author and co-author of many innovative concepts in the field of ICT and mobile technology, such as itSPP, „let me look”, m4me, Lendi, tds. Is „a beacon” that encourages people aged 50+ to take the first step on the Internet.

Nam talks about his mobile passion and mission to spread new technologies to people over 50. years of age.
You are a lighthouse keeper, that is…?
For more than a year I have been a lighthouse keeper, that is, a man who allows seniors to overcome the barriers of using digital technologies (computer, Internet). You can read more about the project on the pages of the lighthouse keeper.en. I think this is a noteworthy activity.

If only because of the scale and already realized achievements of the lighthouse fraternity. Lighthouse keepers „have already trained” more than 140,000. seniors; this is one of the larger (perhaps globally) projects of its kind. I think it is very similar to the program „With mobility into the third age”.

Of course, you can teach „elders” to use what is there, what the market offers them (smartphones, tablets, etc.). But you can probably also offer them equipment dedicated to the previously born. Even from a product and marketing point of view, it is rather a better action.

Because we are targeting and hitting a homogeneous target audience, not a small niche.
Why do you have such passion and willingness to act, especially when it comes to spreading the knowledge of new technologies in the generation of 50+?
The fact that I myself am also „from the 50+” shelf perhaps matters less. Ciut perhaps more relevant seems to be the fact that I am „a twisted guy” if you take new technologies. Maybe also less „gadgeteer”, which is more „practical installer” of these new technologies in everyday life. A little by that an innovator and „inventor” – creator of new solutions using ICT.

But mainly those that improve something, eliminate a problem, allow you to do something easier, cheaper, faster. In short – generating benefits.
What criteria should be followed by developers of hardware and applications for seniors?
It is worth looking at the matter more broadly. It’s worth „looking through the eyes of a senior” (that’s why I may have an advantage here). Pay attention to the following aspects:

  • What is important for this target market? And from this angle to decide what such equipment for seniors should have. Because these are probably the rules of marketing – why make something that will not be useful to this someone.
  • What kind of equipment should it be? And from this angle configure it. Having at your disposal what is on the market – it is not at all necessary to „invent” new things.
  • What barriers must be overcome to make an elderly person want to first have such equipment and then use it (taking into account perception, economics, mentality, etc.)?.).
  • It would be great if the suppliers of „this thing” (and hardware and applications) also have the benefit/reward. Because then there are chances that such a product will be market accepted/proven.

In your opinion, what should be the ideal computer for a senior citizen? What should feature such a device?
The general assumptions for a computer for seniors that I personally propose are: