The market in USA demands mobile in the broadest sense Rafał Pieszczek.

The market in USA demands a broadly understood "mobile" – Rafał Pieszczek

We start the week with the sixth installment of the series "Three questions to the speaker". In this series, we present short conversations with IT professionals who will give their talks at Mobile Trends Conference 2021. This time the questions are answered by Rafal Pieczek – Software Developer at the French agency Nextedia.
Grzegorz Kozubowski: What is the future for the mobile application market in USA?

Rafal Pieszczek: Looking at the statistics – you can say that the "future" has already arrived … Because every mobile network operating in USA and selling phones at the same time – mostly has smartphones on offer, but … not all smartphone users use them as smartphones. The market for mobile apps in USA and the companies that design and program them is growing. Our Polish specialists are highly respected in Western markets, which have already been in mobile longer than we have.
There are more and more apps coming out of our hands, not just apps called test test test on Google Play (apps written in "5 minutes" and uploaded to Google Play, due to the lack of restrictions from Google – note. red.). I'm mainly talking about apps that are realistically profitable for investors. The market in USA demands "mobile" in the broadest sense, while not everyone understands what they can do in all this mobile, so I will also talk about this during MTC2021.
What do you think is better – mobile sites or Responsive Web Design? Why?
In my opinion, mobile sites are better. At once RWD is better. Why ? Not everything will be good in RWD and not everything will be good for dedicated web applications.
It all depends on what the client ultimately wants to achieve by entering, or continuing their "adventure" with mobile. Can't say definitively that RWD is better – despite its versatility even with wise graphic design and UX management – it can turn out to be a dud. Keep in mind that in most cases a customer browsing a mobile website expects quick access to the most important information. If we want to import the full content of the Encyclopedia Britannica with one string in a page that will be RWD – it will be nonsensical. On the other hand – even in a dedicated site for mobile, when the UX and approach to the mobile customer is thought out in a bad way we will have a huge problem with conversions.

It is impossible to define what is better, it really depends on the final result and should be assumed in the initial stages of the project.
What will you talk about at Mobile Trends Conference 2021?
Briefly – why customers want mobile and how to get to their final requirements for the product we can offer them, what situations may arise. By the way, I would like to show the marketing world how a programmer can understand their words and the words of the customer.

Rafal Pieszczek

Software Developer at French agency Nextedia. He is involved in programming social media applications using the most popular social’sites, mobile sites using HTML5, jQuery Mobile, XUI, Java for Android and PhoneGap. Software developer by passion and passion, which turned into a profession. Geek of innovation and new technologies.

In his spare time from coding, he learns about GNU/Linux and MS Windows operating systems from the side of their security vulnerabilities.