Registration for InternetBeta 2021 has begun.

Registration for InternetBeta 2021 has begun

For weeks to come, words such as most important, best, only conference will again be uttered in its context. All will be true, as InternetBeta is already an institution that does not need convincing. At most, one can see what the 2021 edition has planned for the main perpetrator of all the fuss – Matthew Tułecki.
This year we will take the direction of Kielnarowa near Rzeszów already on September 10. As usual, the InternetBeta conference will last a full 3 days and nights, during which leading names from the interactive industry, specialists in sociology, philosophy, psychology, investors, startup owners, developers, art people and lecturers will appear on stage. They share different points of view, but are united by curiosity about the Internet and the mechanisms it drives.

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And so this year InternetBeta conference attendees will have the chance to hear m.In. Susanna Stanska, which will x-ray the topic of culture and technology.



– It may seem that culture and especially museums live with technology like a dog with a cat. This is completely untrue – Polish cultural institutions are becoming more and more adept at using technology in a way that is useful to them, thus gaining new and satisfied customers, the speaker explains.



The question of if and when technology startups will take over the world will be answered by the event's participants by evangelist and mentor from Innovation Nest – Marcin Szeląg. And where to start conquering foreign markets and what mistakes not to make, and we will check on the example of PIXERS. Paulina Wardęga, head of PR and marketing for the brand, will be the guide on this journey.

During the session there will also be no shortage of topics from the field of sociology. The phenomenon of show-off on social networks will be taken up by Yulia Izmalkova, a psychologist who specializes in using psychology and anthropology for qualitative research in marketing and business. The Agenda also includes a place for the topics of Small and Big Data, which will be developed in their presentations by m.In.

Artur Kurasiński (Focus – smarter analytics) and Marcin Łukiańczyk (



– We try our best to surprise every year with something new, while still maintaining the atmosphere of the event. This will also be the case this time. We will provide more details soon. – says Mateusz Tułecki, initiator and coordinator of the conference.