Probably the first coverage of the first day of InternetBeta 2021!

Probably the first coverage of the first day of InternetBeta 2021!

When the whole world is taking stock of yesterday's Apple conference, in USA the number one topic is the next edition of the InternetBeta conference, which started today. This is the seventh time the entire Polish Internet is meeting in Kielnarowa near Rzeszów. The event will last until Friday.

The event is organized by the University of Information Technology and Management in Rzeszow, and co-organized by the Unity Group and Gazeta.en. The media patron is

Report from last year.
Although we were greeted by rain and not very pleasant weather, already the first presentation allowed us to forget about it. The conference began Pawel Tkaczyk traditionally telling us the story of. A story about how to create truth. He even presented the ROI of truth – is 3200%. By this much the price of small products to which a story (not necessarily true) has been added has increased.

Paul showed how adding a story can change the value. Audience rating: 3,97.

Another lecture worth noting was the speech of the Roman Lozinski. In my opinion, this is one of the best Polish speakers, whose every lecture is amazing. Surely you remember Romek's lecture from last year, when he took us into another world of the museum for the blind. Today Romek talked about the Gold Rush model – "randomly moving idiots earn more" than people following the gold discovered. There was also about business scalability, giving people responsibility and "Question fucking everything".

The entire presentation is now available on YouTube. Worth! Rating: 4.85
3After the first break he performed Pawel Sala. He pointed out the amount of data transferred, not only people to people, but people to machine and machine to machine. Already unborn children generate huge amounts of data during their research. The slogan was also dropped hadoop – non-relational databases, or more precisely, a platform that stores a huge amount of data and tools that allow its analysis.

The project is becoming increasingly popular and useful, and the biggest problem is the lack of specialists to implement and operate it. Apparently, students should pay attention, because there is 1 specialist for every 100 job offers. Big data is a huge development opportunity, but the human factor should not be forgotten. We should even apologize to Excel. Rating: 3.73.

Presentation available here.
As many as 6% of Internet users think they don't share any data about themselves online. He talked about privacy and the value of information about us Marcin Garapich. Rating: 3.32
4Presentation Paul Stremski had as many as 131 slides. There was about McDonald's aesthetics, Warsaw subway stations and, above all, ideal articles. Premium content is becoming more and more read by the masses.

Weekend editions of the online with premium content, or similar actions on Spider’sWeb and Zombie Samurai were very well received. The ideal content should be up to 500 or more than 800 words, and the article should be read for about 7 minutes. This also has benefits for SEO. CTR stops counting, Attention Web, or reader engagement, is more important. It was interesting to note that the NYT used a font size of 96 only 4 times in its paper edition.

Today in online media a font of this size is an everyday occurrence. Rating 4.48.
The show on stage traditionally did Piotr Konieczny. It was about security and data leaks. Peter compared our passwords to underpants – it's important not to leave them in plain sight, not to lend them to strangers, and to change them frequently. We should also remember the two-step authentication.

In addition, Peter encouraged data encryption, software updates and common sense – think and shop around. More about it here – a guide for everyone. Let's not leave the keys in plain sight either, based on a photo they can be reproduced with 3D printing. Finally, Piotr showed with a simple example how we can get information about the wi-fi networks we logged into in the past.

Audience rating: 5.0!
Marcin SzelÄ…g from Innovation Nest showed that the future is in mobile technologies and internet of things, and that tomorrow starts today. Despite the many startups from USA, however, we are still waiting for a global success of a Polish company. Perhaps just after the Internet Beta such will appear.

Rating: 3.62. Slideshare presentation.
For the first time I had the opportunity to see how it presents Yuri Drabent. It was an amazing experience. Yuri talked about how companies are using new social media services like Snapchat, Yo! whether Tinder. The way of presentation, the energy, the humor – it cannot be described. This is a must see live!

Yuri also highlighted the 12-19 age group, which is very hard to get information about, and is becoming increasingly important in marketing efforts. For example, Saszan, Dawid Kwiatkowski and quite a few teenagers from Rating: 5.0!
There were quite a few topics on mobile. One of the presentations was a speech Zuzanna Stanska On the use of mobile technology by museums. Both good and bad examples of their use are shown.