LumiSmart – a lamp that gives more than just light.

LumiSmart – a lamp that gives more than just light

LumiSmart at first glance looks like an ordinary office lamp. However, thanks to the connection with wifi and thanks to the built-in sensors, it becomes a very interesting device that we can use in many ways.
LumiSmart is an LED lamp connected to the wireless internet. This connection allows remote control with an Android or iOS smartphone. The uniqueness of this lamp lies in the many sensors that have been built into the device. Light sensor allows to adjust brightness to the environment. The temperature sensor allows us to monitor whether the room is too cold.

The lamp also features a motion sensor and camera. We can program our smart lamp to take photos and send them to us when it detects movement in the environment. It can turn itself off when we fall asleep or serve as our alarm clock in the morning.

The light also has a built-in speaker and microphone. The full range of possibilities is demonstrated in the video.