Ikea introduces furniture to enable wireless charging of devices in your own home.

Ikea introduces furniture that allows wireless charging of devices in one’s own home

Smartphones, despite all their benefits, also have their downsides. Almost all of them we have to charge every day. Of course, we have access to electronic outlets almost everywhere, but sometimes finding one in a convenient location when we are away from home is quite a problem. At home, we also often complain about cables that are always either too short or too long (or we don’t know where we put them). A growing number of technologies are coming out to address these dilemmas, aiming to provide the ability to conveniently charge mobile devices almost anywhere, as easily and even wirelessly as possible.

The convenience of charging has been taken care of by m.In. Ikea, which is releasing home and office furniture that allows wireless charging of mobile devices as early as April.

A charger built into a bedside table

Ikea, known for its innovative approach to home furnishings, has joined the ranks of companies that care about the battery levels of their customers’ smartphones. The Swedish company is taking a step toward the Internet of Things, wanting to enable wireless charging of mobile devices at home, offering “charging furniture”. Ikea has partnered with the Wireless Power Consortium, using charging devices Qi in its products. Qi-embedded furniture is expected to go on sale as early as April 15 in North America and Europe (we don’t know the details yet, but the US and the UK are likely to be involved).

Qi devices are to be found m.in. in Ikea tables, desks, bedside tables or lamps. It will also be possible to purchase a standalone Qi pad, which we will be able to incorporate into any piece of furniture ourselves, such as. kitchen countertop. The solution was presented during the Mobile World Congress 2022.

Boston’s Soofa benches


The first step toward an innovative approach to smartphone charging was taken by startup Changing Enviroments. It all started in the summer of 2021. Then in Boston’s tests have been started The benches, powered by solar panels, Which convert this energy into electricity to charge a smartphone.

Unfortunately, this is where cables still come into play – the user has to plug in their own USB cable to charge the phone while taking a sunbath on a park bench. The project is called Soofa. After testing the first charging benches in Boston last year, the decision was made to introduce more than 100 more benches in the Boston area this spring.

Charging with coffee


The convenience of charging phones has also been taken care of by Starbucks, Which in cooperation with Duracell has introduced special tables with so-called “wireless charging stations” in selected coffee shops in the United States. Powermat, on which you can wirelessly charge your phone. Select coffee shops have specially marked spots “Powermat Spots“, built into tables and counter tops.

When a customer places his or her smartphone in a marked area, it is supposed to start charging wirelessly. The introduction of this technology also took place in the summer of 2021. At first, the mats will take root in the US territory, specifically – the San Francisco Bay Area. In America, there are currently about 2,000 such points where you can wirelessly charge your phone. More mats are also slowly appearing in new locations this year.

In January, 10 London Starbucks were added to the Powermat Spots map. In the future, wireless charging points are to be available in as many Starbucks stores as possible, as well as other partner stores, m.in. McDonalds, Within America, Europe and Asia.