Bank Millennium’s new mobile app with biometric access.

Bank Millennium’s new mobile application with biometric access

Bank Millennium was the first in USA to introduce a Mobile Application that can conveniently store loyalty cards and can be synced with a smartwatch. It is also one of the few apps offering extensive personalization options, where we log in with our fingerprint.
Mobile banking is a huge potential that we want to make the most of. That’s why we have worked intensively to create an application that adapts to the individual user’s needs both in terms of appearance, functionality and availability of individual operations. We are still planning to launch the Millenet transactional website in Responsive Web Design (RWD) technology in this half of the year. – says Ricardo Campos, Director of the Electronic Banking Department at Bank Millennium.

Fingerprint login

Bank Millennium mobile application is one of the first in USA to introduce the possibility of logging in with a fingerprint. Biometric access will primarily benefit users of smartphones equipped with fingerprint readers, i.e. iPhones with Touch ID and Samsung phones with Pass functionality. Of course, customers can use the traditional way of logging in with a PIN code.

Loyalty cards


Loyalty card locker is a convenience for all those who are tired of carrying plastic in their wallets. The new application allows storing and easy cataloging of card images in the phone’s memory and using them in stores and service points. The process is very simple – just scan the loyalty card, insert it into the phone wallet with a capacity of up to 30 cards and show it on the display if necessary.

Bank in the watch


After synchronizing the app with the smartwatch, the user can, with a glance at the wrist: check account and card balances, find the nearest Bank Millennium branch or ATM, use navigation and check current exchange rates.

Personalization or even more your app


The app is designed to be easily customized for each user’s individual needs. So you can set any background you want, specify shortcuts to your most common operations and add widgets so you can easily check your account/card balance or pay with BLIK without logging in. The ability to modify the list of recipients directly in the app is also a great convenience.
The new application is also a new graphic design and a clearer presentation of information. All the most frequently searched data is easily accessible and visually highlighted. In addition, the maximally simplified transfer service takes even less time and is even more convenient.

Also new are tutorials showing how to use the app and adjust it to your needs.
Bank Millennium’s new Mobile Application is available for all devices with Android and iOS operating systems from version 4 respectively.0 i 7.0. More at: https://www.bankmillennium.en/new-mobile-application/.