Radoslaw Paklikowski talks about the overseas development path of the Polish application.

Radoslaw Paklikowski talks about the foreign development path of the Polish application

Meeting Application is a conference application with Polish roots, which works well for organizing almost any event. Radoslaw Paklikowski, board member of meetingapplication.com, which has been involved in the mobile market for 3 years, today answers a few questions about Meetingapplication's operations and development.com. As a reminder, by downloading the app to your phone, you will get permanent access to the program and information about Mobile Trends for Business, where we will see you on Tuesday, May 27!

Your website works in English, prices for the application are in dollars. Why are you directing your development to the foreign market and have moved your headquarters from USA to London and South Africa? Where did the idea come from?
The idea was born many years ago and came from our own need. With partner Lukasz Kuna, we were always a bit ahead of the know-how of our Polish colleagues and at conferences sometimes there was no one to talk to. Sorry to speak so directly, but that's just the way it was.

There is nothing worse than going to a conference where the lectures are boring, and when you talk to others, the knowledge goes only one way. 😉 That's why we decided to change it.
Why the site is not in Polish? Polish financial hell somehow discouraged us from translating anything into Polish, which of course a big cost would be. For our Polish clients, this is not a barrier.
Besides, with the customers themselves paying in dollars, it is also possible to live somehow. 😉 On the other hand, in USA we don't actively sell, because new customers are only by recommendation anyway. We do not focus on the Polish market. The priority is simply other markets, and it is obvious that in many parts of the world, however, London is much more recognizable than our beloved Wroclaw.
Does moving the company to foreign markets mean that in USA it is impossible to make money from such a business? Do you plan to further develop and expand your business e.g. for eastern markets?
Polish customers expect, above all, a low price. They don't yet fully understand how to use such a tool. How much stress it can take off of them, and most importantly, how it can help produce events that people want to be at. We are out of USA because we don't play with price competition.

This is the dumbest thing a company that wants to offer the highest quality product and customer service can do. Fortunately, at the right moment we understood this.
I believe that it is possible to make money on such a business in USA, but at this stage of product development we have other priorities abroad.
Are we thinking about the east? We already have a partner on in Asia! Anyway, we are not only thinking about the East, but also the South.

I can boast that our client is the organizer of the largest carnival in Africa.
Do you cooperate with Polish developers? Does this have any special significance and impact on the projects you are implementing?
Of course we work with Polish developers. For a simple reason… they are the best! 🙂 and it's not that they are cheap. In many parts of the world developers are cheaper.

In USA, on the other hand, maybe code patters are not expensive, but there is no place for such in our company. We work only with the best engineers. 🙂
What is the biggest client Meeting Application can boast of? What do you consider your greatest success?
One? Let me name three:

  • Woodstock 2021, because it was attended by more than 600k people and the noble aim of the action (I immediately salute the Krakow Cocolab, which got us into this project),
  • A conference for 4980 lectures in Paris, which incredibly raised the level of our product. A huge event and a client for whom there are no compromises,
  • And, of course, Mobile Trends 2021, because the best specialists in the industry used our product, and it is known that the eye of the expert sees the most :))

What will the future of Mobile Application look like going forward? What are your plans for development?
Very bold! Our brand is becoming more and more recognized, and the product is world-class. We do a lot to make disruptive innovation in the event market. We have an ambitious goal, but it's too early for details.

Certainly our biggest competitors from the US and Canada feel our breath on their backs, as they have copied our innovation several times already. 🙂 Sometimes I see some companies trying to copy ideas from abroad. We, on the other hand, are proud of the fact that in the last year with hard work we have reached a level where it is foreign countries that try to copy us. We have a unique, interdisciplinary, brilliant team, which is composed of the best specialists I know. It brings results. 🙂
Is Meeting Application your only product? Currently, the market is highly saturated with mobile applications – you are not afraid to get lost in the thick of competition?
Of course, the mobile application market is getting saturated. It's already a few good years old and the natural course of things is increasing saturation. There are even more web development companies, but for the best there is always room and margin projects of several hundred thousand each. Ba!

Overseas even in $ or EURO. You just have to really love what you do and know how to stand out. We love what we do, and that's why we feel confident.

Besides, I think competition is always good. When it stops appearing, then I will know that it is time to change something. ;)))