Project Tango – a revolutionary 3D sensor in a prototype smartphone from Google.

Project Tango – a revolutionary 3D sensor in a smartphone prototype from Google

Google’s Advanced Technology and Projects (ATAP) team just revealed details of Project Tango, a new smartphone prototype that includes a completely revolutionary 3D motion monitoring sensor. It’s a revolutionary step towards a whole new functionality of mobile devices.
We want mobile devices to have a human understanding of the concept of space and movement, says Johnny Lee, representing the ATAP group. An all-new type of 3D sensor scans the physical space around us. This is the key to the success of Project Tango, which opens up completely new possibilities in terms of room navigation or mapping, thanks to it you can also create new types of games, using physical space.

Other solutions are just waiting to be discovered.

Join the team

The future is amazing. By working together, we can build it faster – that’s how Google sums up Project Tango. Google is now in possession of 200 prototypes of phones equipped with a 3D sensor, which they want to give away to anyone who can make a significant contribution to the development of the device. Through its website, Google is looking for professional developers who want to create something more than just another touchscreen app.

Applications are being accepted until March 14, 2021 from anyone willing to contribute to the project.

What’s next?

How Project Tango will develop is still a mystery. Google is taking a cautious approach to its new developments, which is worth appreciating. Instead of making media hype around their new project, promising fairy tale miracles, Google stipulates that everything is still ahead of them and there might be a completely groundbreaking mobile solution thanks to Project Tango, but let’s approach this cautiously and wait for what the future brings.