Mobile at InternetBeta – report day 2.

Mobile at InternetBeta – report day 2.

Another day of the iconic InternetBeta conference behind us. This time the speakers have been divided into three tracks – varsity, e-commerce and technology, and marketing. Below are the most interesting lectures, most often on mobile.
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The first interesting lecture was given by Michal Korba. Using the example of already available devices, he showed that in the future we will not need to implant chips at all. We’re already doing it, using a smartphone connected to wearable technology devices.

Rating 4.29.
Michal Giera Showed what to do to make an app among the most downloaded in the AppStore. The complicated algorithm is explained in detail, along with an explanation of what factors influence high ranking. It used to be that only the number of downloads in the last period counted, today the recipe for success is much more complicated. Michael argued that, however, it can be planned with the right actions. Presentation certainly useful for all those who intend to publish an app in the markets.

I hope that the presentation will be published, because there is really a lot of valuable information in it. Rating 4.0.
Another speech on mobile had Marcin Zaremba. When asked whether 100 thousand zlotys for an app is little or much, Marcin proved that it is very little. Many customers think that by buying an app they are only buying the developers’ time, the time to create the app.

As it turns out it is only about 35% of the project time. The rest are taken up by preparation (about 15%), logistics (9%) and 2-year service and support (40%). Marcin did not include the marketing and promotion budget, which seems to me also very important.
From the interesting facts from the presentation, you can quote data on the PizzaPortal application. It is smartphone users who are making orders of higher value than those ordering with PCs. The exception is Android users – $32 (for comparison PC – $34, iOS – $38, WP – $36). This is one of the main reasons for the app. Rating: 3.65.

The presentation is available here.
Marcin is also writing a book “Mobile for managers”. For more details, I refer you here: We are looking forward to the publication.
In conclusion, there was a statement that design and UX is not the most important thing (but it sells). With this statement certainly does not agree Monika Mikowska, another speaker. One of its first slides just included the slogan “UX design is most important”. Monica continued the topic she already touched on at Mobile Trends for Business in May.

Showed on the example of a “hamburger” how A/B testing plays an important role. Showed that it is not the “hamburger” at all, but the button with the word “MENU” that is more intuitive and engaging. Also shown are examples of good and bad tutorials in apps.

The main message of the presentation was “What the eyes do not see, the finger does not click”. Rating: 4.69.
10685373_577465842359822_3168619289142347312_nFinally, one of the most interesting and controversial presentations – Wojciech Szymanski Tried to convince that creating One Page is bad. Using statistics from several sites as an example, he showed how the number of return visitors and the number of new visitors to the site decreased after changing it to One Page. After a discussion with the audience, it was said that it is a matter of dropping the page position in search results. The fact is that these sites contain much less content than traditional versions with subpages. The topic raised is really interesting and there is a lot of room for research here, as to how Google and users react to such sites.

On the other hand, such a study should be comprehensive, because, as the audience pointed out, there were many unknowns and understatements in Wojciech’s presentation. Is One Page really a bad solution, or maybe it is possible to position such a page well too? We don’t quite know the answers to these questions yet. Certainly, as was also noted by the participants, this depends largely on the type of site that was changed to One Page. Let’s face it, not all sites should become One Page, even though we see such a trend in web development.

Rating: 3.0.
These were the main lectures devoted to mobile, although this one recurred to a greater or lesser extent in almost all presentations. Also, most of the startups presented yesterday were related to mobile and apps. This shows the great importance and future of mobile technologies. Tomorrow we are back to one track, which makes me very happy.

Running between halls, especially deciding which lecture to choose, is sometimes very tedious. Tomorrow also a comprehensive summary of the conference. To all those who couldn’t make it to come, I can already say that they have something to regret.

Unfortunately, no coverage can convey the fantastic atmosphere at the conference and at the event, which is about to begin in Kielnarowa.
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