In 2022, more tablets will be sold than computers!

More tablets will be sold in 2022 than computers!

According to the latest research by Gartner, the number of devices sold in 2021 will exceed 2.4 billion. Devices considered in the study are computers, tablets and smartphones. What’s more, according to Gartner forecasts, more tablets will be sold next year than PCs.

Android in the lead

Of the devices sold in 2021, 88% will be cell phones and tablets, and especially those equipped with the operating system Android – their number is 1.2 billion, compared to a total of 2.4 billion of all devices.
There is talk that tablets may take the place of PCs, but this will not happen yet this year. In 2021, the number of tablets sold will be 256 million, while the number of computers sold (traditional “PCs,” netbooks as well as laptop/tablet hybrids) will be 308 million.