Project Ara Module Developer s Kit, or a manual for developers.

Project Ara: Module Developer's Kit, or a manual for developers

Google's Advanced Technology and Projects (ATAP) group has just unveiled the Module Developer’s Kit (MDK), or Modular Developer Kit for Project Ara. The entire document, which includes a detailed description for developers, is available for download on the project's official website.
As the name Module Developer’s Kit indicates, the documentation presented may not tell the layman much. The materials presented are a set of guidelines on how to assemble a modular smartphone – what it should look like as a whole and how the individual components should interact with the phone's base, which the Google team has given a working name to "endo".

Purchasing system

Users will be able to choose from at least 3 different sized endoskeletons. Google, however, does not rule out the use of modules that will protrude from the sides of the phone – such as the. pulsometer. A separate store or "branch" of the Google Play store will probably be created for the purchase of the Ara smartphone, where users will be able to compose their dream device themselves.

The system will guide them through the sales process, facilitating the selection of items and ensuring that buyers are guaranteed to choose modules that provide the expected functionality.

Exceptional battery

Among the materials revealed regarding Project Ara, the attention is drawn to the battery. Ara will be able to be powered by one or more batteries. Users will be able to easily swap a dead battery for a new one without having to turn off the phone.

Download Module Developers Kit

The entire 81-page document containing the MDK is available to everyone. This is to ensure the best possible collaboration on Project Ara, where almost every developer can contribute something from themselves and improve work on the modular phone.
Google is making the document available for download at the following link:
Next week will also see the first conference on Project Ara – the Project Ara Developers Conference at the Computer History Museum, located in Moutain View in Silicon Valley. Streaming from the conference is expected.