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Kevin Hogan is a world-renowned expert of American origin. Kevin Hogan is first and foremost a guru of influence and reading, as well as the use of body language. He teaches at prestigious universities in the United States, including the University of St. Thomas. Thomas Management Center. Provides training for sales, management and communication professionals.

It does so in many countries around the world. Attended by heads and managers of major companies such as IBM, 3M, Microsoft, Boeing and Starbucks.
He has shared his knowledge of persuasion, influence, body language, motivation, hypnosis and personal development publicly in popular dailies (The New York Times) and magazines such as Cosmopolitan, Women’s World and Playboy. In 2004. Commented on the US presidential campaign , assessing the body language of the presidential and vice presidential candidates during the election. In 2000 he was in USA, where he conducted training courses commissioned by the Polish Government.

Kevin Hogan is the author of 22 books, including those published in Polish: “The Psychology of Persuasion”, “The Art of the Deal”, “Hidden Persuasion” or “Powerful Selling – Unknown Strategies for Success”. Its seminars and workshops, helped organizations sell, promote and communicate more effectively. His cutting-edge research on the mind as well as his deep understanding of customer behavior allowed him to uncover knowledge that had never been made public before. Every program he runs is individually tailored to the needs of the group or organization.

Kevin Hogan will give your people new and easily applicable ideas. Ideas that will make perfection not only achievable, but even real.